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Kavasanampatti Jothi Mounaguruswamy temple: (Today ‘s writing is about a holy person) On the road to Kannivadi, Kasavanampatti is about 18 Kms west of Dindigul. I mentioned Shri Mounaguruswamy in the previous letter to the Temple of Thirumalaikeni. This letter is about the temple built at Kasavanampatti for this holy man.

This sage’s sources are not known. The local people say that a young boy came to this village nearly 90 years ago. He wore no clothes and did not utter a sound. The boys were bullying this boy in the village, who neither retaliated nor insulted them. He used to sit at the local temple of Amman instead.


He survived only on food provided freely by the villagers. For some time, this happened. The elders of the village brought clothing for him to wear. He used to rip them apart and he wouldn’t wear any clothing. The villagers have now recognised that they have an Avadhoota in their midst. Since he did not wear a dress or speak a word, they began to call him Jothi Mounaguru Nirvana Swamy.

Several spiritual people, including Yogi Ram Surat Kumar of Tiruvannamalai and Swamy Gnanananda of Tirukovilur, acknowledged his excellence. As compared to whom they used to call him an ocean, they were just simple waves! The Swamy used to wander and join every home around the village. Home owners treasured the trips. He never used to eat rich food and ate only a small quantity of rice with some vegetables.

Cigarettes, which he used to smoke at every time of day, was the only thing he liked. Nobody understood why he was faced with this problem. It is a means of sweeping away his devotees’ issues, according to some of the devotees. Devotees used to throng to this place to get his darshan, though he didn’t utter a word. Cigarette ash was taken as prasadam before. On Oct 22, 1982, he attained Samadhi. The body did not suffer any degeneration even after Samadhi.

 Kasavanampatti There was a sudden heavy downpour on the day of his funeral and a red kite (guardian) soared three times over the burial site. In this spot, the disciples buried the mortal remains and built the adishtanam and installed a Shiva Lingam and a picture of the Swamy behind the lingam. Cigarettes are burning in the lamp and vibhuthi is combined with the ash and given as prasadam. Guru Pooja day (Aipasi month’s Moola star, Oct-Nov) and every month’s Pradoshams draw a lot of devotees. (Note: images and some of the inputs have been obtained from separate websites)

Kasavanampatti is a village in the Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu State, India, in the Reddiyarchatiram Block. It is situated 16 km west of the Dindigul District headquarters. From Reddiyarchatiram 3 KM. 464 KM from Chennai State Capital,

The code for Kasavanampatti Pin is 624705 and Kannivadi is the post office.

The villages close to Kasavanampatti are Mangarai (3 KM), Konur (4 KM), Kuttathupatti (6 KM), Kothapulli (8 KM) and Paraipatti (8 KM). Athoor Block to the South, Dindigul Block to the East, Oddanchatram Block to the North, Vedasandur Block to the North, surround Kasavanampatti.

The nearest cities to Kasavanampatti are Dindigul, Oddanchatram, Vadipatti, Palani.

Census information of Kasavanampatti 2011

Tamil is Kasavanampatti’s local language. The total population of Kasavanampatti Village is 9005 and the number of houses is 2215. There is a 49.7% female population. The literacy rate in the village is 61.8% and the literacy rate for women is 25.7%.


Our country is undeniably a blessed land. The World is full of Siddhars who have embodied many Siddhars and reside with us. They reconnect with the lineage after they have served the reason for which they have come and been a guide to the people.

Kasavanampatti As the complete embodiment of Paraprammam, without the Vadlamudi or glorious appearance, without wearing the rudraksha, without wearing the saffron, without even taking the kamandalam, the human form of the Absolute, just as Mother Nature had formed herself so that a sage could rise up in the universe to awaken the world.

On the banks of rivers like the Ganges, the Narmada, the Cauvery, Kasavanampatti is a small village in Tamil Nadu. The location where they lived was in a secluded caddy, tree, or cave. Kasavanampatti They were Swami Vivekananda’s messengers, the prophet (the nude sage), the supreme sage, who said, “Good men are deaf, deaf, ignorant of others.” Generally, they remained deaf. However, many people come and visit the Swamis, not only from various parts of India, but also from abroad, and receive their blessings and blessings. The devotees who come to see them and ask them to go and see them will be thanked by all the prominent saints in Tamil Nadu. If there is a wave, Kasavanampatti Mahan is a sea, Tirukoilur Gnananandagiri Swamis are named Jyoti, Polar Star, and Zameen Puravipalayam Kodi Swamis are worshipped by all Swamis, Thiruvannamalai Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

To claim that the Swamis are grammatically literate with the word austerity would not be an exaggeration. Kasavanampatti    Our Swamis are the ones who have incarnated and revealed it to the people of the universe in this universe and have achieved Mahasamadhi in that state. The citizens of this town and the devotees who genuinely loved him are proud of the fact that he did not cherish him as a caring boy even though he was nude.

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