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Kodaikanal, Dindigul

                                         Kodaikanal, Dindigul  

One of Tamil Nadu’s finest hill stations is Kodaikanal. Among the picturesque Western ghats of India, it is located 7,200 feet above sea level.

In the Palani hill range, Kodaikanal is under the administrative control of the Tamilnadu district of Dindigul.

Kodaikanal, Dindigul
Kodaikanal, Dindigul

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Kodai Lake, which marks the city’s central point, takes more than an hour to reach. The distance from Kodai Lake to any landmark in this city is usually calculated.

Kodaikanal is a hill station, and when the waterfalls have enough water, sunlight won’t be much, and misty clouds will be left hanging at the scenic spots, its true beauty will be. So, Kodaikanal’s beauty will depend on the day’s weather, too.

For one unique type of tour to Rs.1100-Rs.1500 for booking a cab for yourself, there are a variety of tour operators that offer the same type of tour packages at almost the same price [group or personal cabs] at almost Rs.225-Rs.300 per passenger.

Also beware of the Number of places they offer in a single package, as most of them are listed solely for the purpose of raising the package’s places. They will have hotel drop as the last point, for example, or they will show you Vatakkanal falls and say this is also Pambar falls and stuff like that is not the case. There are a lot of spots made like the 500-year-old tree which has not much purpose. Instead of being hell-bent on covering all the locations, please enjoy the pleasure.

Kodaikanal, Dindigul
Kodaikanal, Dindigul

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The Berijam Lake tour and the points on its way, such as ‘Silent Valley View,’ Caps Fly Valley,’ Berijam Lake View,’ are scenic and good. The trek to Dolphin’s nose till the Echo point is also exciting but profoundly exhausting. If you are adventurous, do not miss them. For both of these tours try to book a day in advance since there might be certain days when you will not get to book them as they require some permission.

Around December, the Kurinji flower is in full bloom once every 12 years, and it bathes the valley in a beautiful blue sea. It was last in full bloom in 2018; its next bloom is expected in 2030. The “Princess of Hill stations” are also referred to as Kodaikanal.

The nearest railway station is Kodai Road at a distance of 100 km. From Kodairoad station, one has to travel only by road. Taxis are available for hire up to Kodaikanal but since these might the only mode of transport here, the prices are often not negotiable.

Another Railway station that is quite close is the Dindigul Railway station. As it is a much larger city, it is easier to come to Kodaikanal using this station. You can get an autorickshaw for around ~50 to come to the Dindigul bus stand once you get down at the Dindigul Railway station. And from there, there are frequent buses to Vathlagundu from where there are many buses to Kodaikanal.

Straight buses from Dindigul to Kodaikanal are also available, but you might have to wait an hour or so. It takes around 1 hour from Dindigul to Vathlagundu (Batlagundu) and then about 2 hours from Vathlagundu to Kodaikanal by bus.

Kodaikanal is about 90 km from the city of Dindigul, and there are plenty of buses from different parts of the state.

Chennai, Pondicherry, Trichy, Madurai, Dindigul, Palani, and Coimbatore have buses.

There are frequent buses from the Madurai government from the Arappalayam Bus stand. The cost is 70rs and takes roughly 4 hours.

Reach Kodaikanal from Kodai Road (80 km) for ₹1700 approx, Dindigul or Madurai and then take a cab/taxi to Kodaikanal. The drive from Kodai road takes approximately 2 hours while the drive from Madurai takes approximately 3.5 hours and from Dindigul, it takes about 2 hours.

From Cochin / Kochi (Kerala) is 295 km via the hill station of Munnar(Kerala). Kochi-Muvattupuzha-Kothamangalam-Adimali-Munnar-Devikulam-Poopara-Bodi-Theni-Kodaikanal which is Kochi-Madurai NH49 is the route to be taken.

From Kodai road (you reach by train or bus) you can rent bullets or gearless bikes and ride to Kodaikanal hill. One of the cheap and best way to enjoy the stay.

Berijam Lake-perhaps the most pristine of the three lakes in Kodai. This is an environment free of plastic and it’s stunning and serene. Within a reserved forest region, the lake lies. To visit this lake, you need to get permission. Permissions need to be obtained on the morning of the intended day of visit from the forest office. The person who arranges the vehicle will normally arrange the permit. Moreover, in peak season, a small number of vehicles are allowed in each day. Since this lake is used for providing drinking water no water sports activity is permitted. The path to Berijam lake is more scenic than the lake itself.

Chettiar Park-a a lovely park with lots of colorful flowers and greenery. A place of calm with nature reclining back in. It’s a nice place for pictures to click; and for children, it also has swung.

Coakers Walk- If you wish to catch the scenic valleys, the best time to visit the place will be before 2 PM. But if you want to see snow-like clouds (only in winter) underneath you form an ocean, hit the place between 3 PM and 6 PM.

Try to catch the sunrise here or in the nearby Greenlands Hostel. A wonder. Try the telescope near the main gate for Rs.5 as well. This location is very close to the bus stand.

Bryant park-A must-see. Its main entrance is on the road circling the lake and is a 10-minute walk from the entrance to the boat club. Beautifully maintained and with a huge park. Their flower shows during summer are very common.

Kodai Lake- Go boating in the evening if you go in winter, as it’s a wonderful experience to boat through the fog settling on the lake. Very close to the bus stand is the lake. This is a star-shaped lake and one of the best walking experiences you can have in your life is walking around it during the night. Be mindful that this lake has lots of dogs around it and certain areas are very dark. Walk between 6 and 7 pm, then head back to your place. Bicycles, tandem bikes, and horse riding all over the lake can also be employed.

Echo Point – If you’re on a Dolphin’s nose trek and still walk further, you’ll finally reach Echo Point, where your voice will echo at the very edge if you scream facing the rising mountains on your right. Of course, it doesn’t just echo the way it’s seen in the film, but it’s still a fantastic experience.

Kurinjiandavar Temple-A temple whose presiding God is Lord Muruga is about 4 km from the lake. The flowers inside the temple bloom once in 12 years. From this temple, one can get a view of the Palani Hills and Kodaikanal Area. The view of Kodai city and Palani from the two ends of the temple is obscured during the winter. The visibility is fine in summer, though, and hence the experience, too.

Green Valley View / Suicide Point- has a steep drop from this point of more than 5000 ft. At this point, monkeys are a good attraction. Renamed Green Valley View, apparently to prevent individuals from being lured to commit suicide. * Pillar Rocks-enormous steep cliffs. Watch out for the cross at the top of the mountain hoisted by an English adventure enthusiast.

Quiet Valley View

Cap’s Fly – This spot was a great visit and is named so on the grounds that any light-weighted material like a bundle of leaves or as the name proposes ‘covers’ whenever hurled from that point will return towards you. This is because of the climatic weight up in that place.

Fiend’s Kitchen – a cavern known more to local people, First being “Green Valley View” and “Column Rocks” and afterward at last “Guna Cave”. Watch out for the profound concealed gorges. What might seem like simple dim drains is really a profound fall. Numerous clueless individuals have fallen prey to the “villain’s snare”. Along these lines, tread carefully!

Guna Caves – a cavern which turned out to be exceptionally well known after the film GUNA. Steep and dangerous to get in. General society may not be permitted to enter this cavern these days, however, it’s an excellent spot to take pics. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are not an expert spelunker, an excursion to this cavern might be your last. Getting back will be issued as it’s extremely dim and there could be about a 90% possibility of enduring a free fall.

Kodaikanal, Dindigul
Kodaikanal, Dindigul

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Pine Forest – It’s en route to the guna cavern. An incredible perspective on long, pine trees that were really planted by the Britishers. You can go somewhat profound into the timberland and be encircled with various pine trees consistently. Open doors for some intriguing photograph shoots accessible! You can likewise purchase new carrots and plum and neighborhood natural products from that point.

Shanthi Valley – another pine woods decent spot.

Silver Cascade – it’s a decent cascade out and about the side from Kodai street to Kodaikanal, not long before 4-5 km from Kodaikanal. The virus water streams and it’s truly super to wash in the virus water and travel in the middle of the eucalyptus trees. In the event that you are going to Kodaikanal by private vehicle in transit, you can visit the spot. Purchase new carrots and some intriguing veggies around here.

Old Suicide Point This spot is around 5 minutes before the pine backwoods (the principal/old pine woods I mean. Lately travelers get down to see the pine timberland in numerous spots as a whole stretch is loaded with pine trees) while driving from the observatory side. You have to get down and stroll towards the precipice. Here you will see a little pathway on the left side. On the off chance that you go for this way and stroll for around 10 minutes, you will arrive at the old self-destruction point. The view from that point is essentially amazing.

Bear Shola falls This is a truly wonderful waterfall. Yet, during certain seasons there may not be any water there. In any case, ascending the falls is a decent journey.

Wax Museum Recently opened wax historical center is arranged close to Green Valley View/Suicide Point.

Cycle around the lake – and watch the clouds while they slowly descend onto the water; cycles are available for hire at the lake on an hourly basis. It is possible to cycle to other places although cycling one way will be difficult due to the hilly terrain. Do check the cycles before setting out. Cycles(without gear) are available at Rs 50 per hour.

Boating at the Kodai lake – paddle and rowboats are available at the lake. The entrance is via the Kodaikanal Boat Club.

Trekking – Kodai offers several scenic trekking spots, including one which is to walk along the stream which goes to the dolphin’s nose. Kodai tourist office has a trekking guide which is available for free there, which lists all the possible trekking routes and difficulty levels. The tourist office advises people to take guides and offers to provide them, although this is not necessary. An easy trek is the Perumalmalai trek which is the tallest mountain in that area. Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai trekking via Velagavi is the most famous one, it consumes 5 hours of trekking.

Direct: Much to the joy of travelers close by territories, Kodaikanal has opened up for guests from different locales though with an e-pass framework and limitations set up.

With the whole country opening up as part of Unlock 4.0, several tourist destinations have also followed suit and started welcoming travelers from across India. The latest place to join the bandwagon is Kodaikanal, the popular hill station in Tamil Nadu. According to reports, Dindigul Collector, M Vijayalakshmi announced that tourists from other districts would be able to visit Kodaikanal from Wednesday, September 9 onwards. However, they would have to get an e-pass using the online application available.

While the specialists had before permitted the e-pass office just for crisis purposes, they have included another traveler class that can be chosen by those deciding to visit the slope town. Those without an e-pass will be sent back by the authorities. Attributable to the progressing pandemic, just three places of interest will be open at the present time – Bryant Park, Rose Garden, and Chettiar Park. Other mainstream exercises like sailing in the lake and spots like Berijam Lake and Pillar Rock will be opened in a staged way in the wake of talking with Forest Department authorities. Individuals remaining inside the region won’t need an e-pass and can head out to Kodaikanal with a legitimate ID card. Different estimates like wearing covers and social separating will likewise be guaranteed. With inns continuing room reservations, this may be the prompt for you to design an outing to the evergreen escape objective!

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