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                                  Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal

Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal Sri Kottai Mariamman Kovil, introduced by Tipu Sultan, is a 200-year-old sanctuary with a Kottai Mariamman icon. Lord Vinayaka, Lord Murugan, Goddess Kali, Goddess Durga, and Madurai Veeran are additional important icons in the sanctuary. It was built in a square state at the mountain post.

The Kottai Mariamman Temple is a Saivite Temple at Begampur, Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal Dindigul, a few hundred years old. Here, the goddess symbol was adopted by warriors who had a position at Peedam with Tipu Sultan’s military force. The temple was founded quite a while back. Fans express Maa Vilakku ‘s fire cup, light and perform Abhishekam and Archana as their thanks to the goddess.

Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal
Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal

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Soon after the day of the new moon in the month of Masi (February-March) on the fifth day, Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal the flag of the festival will be raised in the temple for a 20-day celebration. In several years, the festival lasts for 30 days as well.

Speciality of the Temple:-

In this shrine, the bottom of the idol is firmly placed, as in other locations.

Opening Time:—Opening Time:

The temple is open beginning at 6.00 a.m. Towards 11.00 a.m. Yes, also at 5.00 p.m. From 8.00 p.m.


Sri Kottai Temple of Mari Amman, Dindigul-624 001.

More than a thousand devotees descended on the flower pit and worshiped the Goddess at the Dindigul Kottaimariamman Temple Masjid festival. Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal.

The Fort Mariamman Temple Festival, one of the most popular festivals in Dindigul district, Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal started on February 22 with a plastering ceremony.

Following the flag-raising on February 25, it was held daily in the halls of various communities.

During the night, he strolled down Amman Verdi and showed it to the devotees. Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal Devotees worshiped by sprouting and milling around the temple.

The main event of the festival, the flower pit landing event, was held from 6 am today.

Two thousand people had registered their names with the temple administration to descend the flower pit. Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal One by one the fasting devotees descended into the flower pit (fire trampling). Some went down the flowerpot with their children and paid the fine. The flower pit descent took place until the evening.

Earlier, special pujas and anointing ceremonies were held for the Goddess. The festival will be followed by Dasavathaaram on Saturday night, Manchal Niral on March 8, Swing Festival on March 9, and Boat Festival on March 10. Thousands of devotees visit Dindigul every day from Dindigul town and its nearby villages and visit Fort Mariamman.

If she worships Manamuruga, Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal it is the strong conviction of the devotees that Fort Mariamman would give her the gifts she wished for.

The force of Renuka Devi is said to be ‘Mariamman,’ among the qualities of the almighty Goddess. Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal With great divine strength, Jamatakni is a great sage. Renuka Devi is his wife. Emperor Karthiverian decided to meet Kamadenu, who was at the Sage Jamatakni ashram.

Karthiveerian waged a fierce war as Sage Jamatakni refused. The son of the sage Jamatakni, Parasuramar, battled with and beheaded the Karthiveerian. The sons of Karthiverian murdered Sage Jamatakni while doing penance on this immoral coastal Parasuramar Mahendra hill. Since she had a husband, in the ruins of Sage Jamatakni, she and Renuka Devi climbed the tree.

Indra made it rain instantly to shield Renuka Devi, an attribute of strength, and did not burn her body in the fire. Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal The garments, though, were all burned in the flames. The fire caused the body to show blisters. Renuka Devi quickly plucked the leaves of a neem tree nearby and twisted it like a rope, dressing it up.

Then Lord Shiva appeared in the sky and said, ‘Don’t grieve to believe you are one of the women of mankind. In all facets of my Goddess Parasakti, you will be an aspect. This is the Shakti Devi game that was kept so that your glory may be revealed to this world. Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal So, you will live on this planet and honor the people as the village goddess with the word ‘Mariamman.’ The history of the rise of ‘Mariamman’ is said to be this. Initially, the sanctum sanctorum of this temple was made out of clay. The original statue of the goddess was only erected at the pedestal location later on. It is not possible to take alone the original idol. The statue and the ground were buried deep in the ground.

It is said that the statue is about 300 years old. With her right leg hanging on the Audaiyar pedestal and her left leg crossed, the goddess is standing. This deity, like the deity Kali, also has fangs. So this goddess Mariamman is unique, matching the Kali aspect.

There are eight hands on the goddess. There is a hydra with a shield, a dagger, a shield, a mace on the right, and a scythe, a bow, a bell, a cup, etc. on the left side. The back of this statue has a cut in it. Every year from 6.20 a.m. to 6.40 a.m. on March 9, 10, 11, and October 2, 3, 4, the sun’s rays fall from the head of the goddess onto her forehead.

The flag tree of the temple, the Moolasthana Amman, Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal the tower urn, etc., are set up so that the devotees can view from the front decorative hall at the same time. This temple is the only location where the goddess Mariamman is carried to Dasavatara and during the festival, the goddess is seen in the Saina Kolam.

Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal
Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal

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Public Information:-General Information:—

At the entrance of the shrine is a post called Kamba Thadi built of copper. Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal Nearby are shrines on the south for Lord Vinayaka, on the north for Madurai Veeran and Navagrahas, on the rear south for Muneeswara shrine, Karuppanasami, Kaliamman, and Durga in the north


Devotees pray for the blessed boy. Praying to Kottai Mariamman is also believed to successfully cure the devotees of sickness, small-pox, persistent illness, and disability.

Thank you for giving:-

At the foot of the sign, devotees give turmeric and salt. On the flag hoisting day, women perform a holy abishek expecting that the Goddess will be cooled down by Her wrath and forgive the people. Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal Those wanting a child boon are holding pots of flames. In a cradle made of sugar cane and light flour lamps- Mavilakku, people blessed with the infant hold the infant. During festival days, the crowd would be as large as 20 lakhs.

Temple’s Greatness:—

It is remarkable that the district of Dindigul has all the facets of Vasthu to its benefit. It is historically popular as well. The fort that was built 300 years ago is still new and magnificent. Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal It is said that, according to tradition, there was an underwater route to Palni that Tippu Sultan used several times. Behind the fortress, the temple is behind this serene setting. The Goddess is then called Kottai Mariamman.

With 8 paws, Mariamman graces in a seated shape. She’s carrying a snake, a trident, a mask, a bell in her right hand, a spear, a cup and guns in her left.

Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal
Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal

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Past of the Temple:-

The district of Dindigul is a region of historical interest. Of special significance are the hill to the west and the fort on it. Still standing today is the oldest fort in Dindigul.

History has it that there was a tunnel to Palani from this fort and that Tipu Sultan visited Palani from this fort several times. In the magnificent history of the hill fort, the Amman Temple is situated. In conjunction with Vastu Shastra, the temple is said to be found.

The village goddess, who is blessed in the world by Mariamman, is blessed in Dindigul by Fort Mariamman. The force of Renuka Devi is said to be ‘Mariamman,’ among the qualities of the almighty Goddess. Mariamman Temple of Dindigul Fort has a long tradition of strong association with the Thala Purana and the Fort of Dindigul Hill.

It is the “Fort Mariamman” of the people of Dindigul, and the guardian deity. This temple has three unique entrances. Mariamman, who began her career as a guardian goddess, is still regarded as ‘Fort Mariamman’ as she is said to have conferred the devotees’ blessings and constructed a temple near the fortress of the hill. A serpent, a mace, a skull, and in her left hand a bow, a cup, a serpent, and a bell are seen in the right hand of the goddess with eight wings. Slightly distinct from the gods of other deities was the deity of this goddess. The base of the statue is hidden deep beneath the earth in a special manner.

In the years 1788–1790 AD, King Tipu Sultan came from this hill fort. There was only a small pedestal at the time for Mariamman and the original statue of the goddess at the battleground of the soldiers of Tipu Sultan on the eastern side of the fort. The army of the Tipu Sultan’s time built up a small monastery under the hill fort and built up a statue of Mariamman.

Just a small Peeta and the statue of the god remained throughout the 18th century. Tippu Sultan’s army men constructed a small mutt and installed an idol, Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal which is now the Kottai Mariamman, the guardian god of the Dindigul people. Three unique entrances to the temple are situated. The processions through the front door are organized. There are other ways near to the Fort. Every year, the temple hosts a festival for 20 days. KOTTAI MARI AMMAN CHARANAM THAYE!

Kottai Mariamman, Dindugal,

Old Year: Five hundred years old,

Historic Name: Dindeeswaram,

Town: Dindigul Town,

District: Dindigul ,

State: Nadu Tamil.

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