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Natham is a Taluka in the Dindigul district of the Tamil Nadu province of the Indian Madurai District.

The Tamil culture is the time of Pandiya and the form of dialect is not the same as distinct regions. Natham has a Mariamman Temple that holds annual ceremonies that are common in cities as a whole. The celebrations in the middle of the season involve people performing various exercises in Amman, such as Pal Kodam, strolling ablaze, conveying fire pots, extremely well-known leading annually once, and so on in this celebration.


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In the Navakiraka pooja that was assembled many years ago, Natham Kovilpatty Kailasanathar sanctuary is highly celebrated. Masjid houses of worship are open. The Natham Periya Pallivasal was constructed in the 1900s. All celebrations are well commended by the people of Natham. Natham is well known for the grains and heartbeats of Mango, Tamarind, Coconut, Guava, Cotton business/instant shirts, and moreover. In addition, the trade of non-woods delivering NTFP boosts Natham ‘s economy. Agronomically rich, the districts in and around Natham are.

The Hills of Karanthamalai, Natham, Dindigul

In the Perumalai hills of Dindigul district, Tamilnadu, Karanthamalai is a picturesque village. The Perumalai hills are part of the Eastern Ghats’ Sirumalai range, and dry forests are part of the natural vegetation.

The Karanthamalai Hills, Natham, Dindigul

Karanthamalai is a picturesque village in the Perumalai hills of Dindigul district, Tamilnadu. The Perumalai hills are part of the Sirumalai range of the Eastern Ghats, and dry forests are part of the natural vegetation. You will find out the top things to do in these cities by checking out the list of cities near Natham. So, you can decide which neighboring town to visit for a memorable trip the next time you are in Natham.

India has 29 states with at least 720 districts and more than 8200 cities and towns, consisting of approximately 6 Lakh villages. Each district/village/town/city has been assigned a unique pin code postal code by the Indian postal department to ensure the rapid delivery of postal services.

A postal index number or PIN or PIN code is a code used by India Post, the Indian postal administration, in the post office numbering or postcode scheme. Six digits long are the code.

The PIN’s first three digits reflect a particular geographical area called a sorting district, which is situated at the largest city’s main post office and is known as the sorting office. Depending on the amount of mail treated, a state will have one or more sorting districts. The fourth digit reflects the route on which in the sorting district a delivery office is situated. Starting from 01, which would be the GPO or HO, the last two digits reflect the delivery office inside the sorting area.

624401 is the Natham Pin Code. The pin code is also known as a postal code or zip code. Natham is located in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, India.

The location code or village code of the village of Karanthamalai RF is 635328, according to Census 2011 information. Karanthamalai R F village is situated in Tamil Nadu, India, in Natham Tehsil of Dindigul district. It is located 16 km from the Natham sub-district headquarters and 49 km from the Dindigul district headquarters.

The village’s total geographical area is 8016.6 hectares. The total population of Karanthamalai RF is 481 individuals. In Karanthamalai R F village, there are approximately 109 apartments. The closest town to Natham is Karanthamalai RF.

Natham is a beautiful old town in Tamil Nadu with a population of nearly 22,500. It is a center of Tamil culture with a distinctive local dialect that is very interesting, unique local religious customs and rituals, etc. It can be a really fascinating destination for those who are curious about southern India’s rural lifestyle.

Natham is a town in the Dindigul district of Panchayat City, Tamil Nadu. The Natham city is divided into 18 wards for which elections are held every 5 years. The population of Natham Town Panchayat is 23,660, of which 11,773 are males, while 11,887 are females, as reported by Census India 2011.

The population of children aged 0-6 is 2655, which is 11.22 percent of the total Natham (TP) population. The Female Sex Ratio in Natham Town Panchayat is 1010, compared to a state average of 996. In addition, the child sex ratio in Natham is around 995, compared to the state average of 943 in Tamil Nadu. The Natham City literacy rate is 81.52% higher than the 80.09% state average. Male literacy in Natham is approximately 87.73 percent, while female literacy is 75.38 percent.

The total administration of Natham Town Panchayat is over 5,732 houses to which it provides basic amenities such as water and sewerage. It is also allowed to construct roads within the boundaries of the Town Panchayat and to impose taxes on property under its jurisdiction.


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In the district of Dindigul, in the state of Tamil Nadu, Natham is a taluka or tehsil, with a total population of 158687. In Tehsil or Taluk, there are 3,7470 homes.

Located 37.00 K.M away from Dindugal District, Natham Town Panchayat.

Nearest railway station Name: Dindigul, 36.00 k.m from nathamam, this railway station.

Position of the nearest airport: Madurai International Airport

Information for the Bus Route: Natham to Madurai, Madurai to Avaniyapuram

Temples, Mosques and Churches

Sri Mariamman Thirukovil Natham Arulmigu-Ward No: 5-Street Name-Mariamman Kovil Street Name:

Natham Kovilpatti Arulmigu Thirukovi Kailasanathar-Ward No: 13-Name of the street-Sivan Kovil North Street

As per the 2011 census, Natham Town Panchayat is the Selection Grade Town Panchayat with a population of 23569 Nos spread over an area of 12.43 SqKm. Natham Town Panchayat is situated in the state’s Dindigul district. It is one of the market centres for the surrounding villages of Mango, Coconut, Merchant. The town is located 35 km from the east side of Dindigul.

Natham, on the left side of the Dindigul-Karaikudi highway. From 09.06.1969, Natham was a Selection Grade Town Panchayat. The Natham Town Panchayat’s main activities are the export of mango, tamarind and coconut cultivation. The Committee, elected by the municipal council, voted to make use of monetary benefits through trade to develop the town’s civic facilities. 18 Administrative Wards are in this town.

Natham Taluka is located in the Tamil Nadu state of India, in the Dindigul district. The Taluka Total Area is.. The total population of the Taluka lives in houses, including the male population and the female population, according to a recent census.

The district vehicle registration code for Dindigul is TN 57. Dindigul Regional Transport (RTO) Office.

Natham PORICHA PAROTA-Kaavanna Parotta Kadai (Koorai Kadai) is 61 years old.

A small shop which has been in business for 61 years. They just serve breakfast, which opens at 7 am and closes at 11 am. In Natham, Dindigul district, this eatery is located. In the center of Dindigul and Madurai, Natham is situated. There’s a Kaavanna parotta Kadai or a Koorai Kadai on the bazaar lane, so you’ve got to ask around to get to the place. Google maps display you the exact spot, so it would be helpful to use Google maps.

Just Poricha Parota (oil Parota), mutton chukka, mutton chops, and Kuska are served in the Koorai Kadai.

The Poricha Parota was great with the Saalna. Parota was pretty crunchy. The mutton chukka was yummy and sweet.

There are no seats or tables. There’s an old-fashioned stone table where you have to sit with your legs crossed.

If you do not want to miss out on a dish and want all hot, be in the place by 8 in the morning.

This is the best non-veg breakfast hotel in Natham and also one of the best non-veg hotels in Dindigul and Madurai.


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Natham Kadai Parotta, Natham:

Kaavanna Parotta Kadai / Koorai Kadai / Natham Parotta Kadai-These are the names widely used to refer to this location. There are so many names in this place because the place does not carry a name board as well. It used to have a thatched roof, hence the reference to Natham Koorai Kadai.

I searched this location on maps when I realised I was going to be in and around Madurai for a few days and it showed around 38 km (around 1 hr 17 min) from where I was, and I immediately decided to include this 60 + old location in my itinerary.

The place is only open on all days between 7 AM to 11 AM. A day before, I called and the person who picked the phone suggested that I come by 8 AM, because by then, everything would be ready. It is a modest location in which the original Koorai (Thatched Roof) has now been replaced by a proper roof. The shop’s only symbol would be 2 Banana Leafs on either side of the shop’s entrance. The Banana Leaf is removed once all the items are sold out and the stores are closed for activities.

The seating area is ornamented by the Thinnai style Floor Seating with Mats (Pali). As many were doing take-aways, regulars continued to come to enjoy the food.

With their Sherva, which is their specialty, Poricha Parotta / Ennai Parotta (about 15 / pc) was great. The accommodating owner gave us portions of their Kuska and complimentary Dalcha sampling, which is priced for a plate at around 30. It was straightforward but full of flavours. Their Kuska is what we would refer to as Nei Choru otherwise.

A vision to behold was the way they were being stacked to be served / parcelled. It was very distinct and mesmerising. A special mention of their Chutney Piquant Mint. Terrific!

So far, I’ve been holding my breath to introduce my new Natham Parotta Shop piece. And, there’s Mutton Chukka (about 60) with a mind-blowing taste.  The generous use of Fresh Pepper with succulent and perfectly sized Mutton pieces that have soaked-in necessary base gravy creates the right amount of spiciness, making this probably one of the best Mutton Chukkas I’ve ever had. Just for the early morning Kuska experience and their out-of-this-world Mutton Chukka, I can guarantee you’ll visit them again.

The service was courteous, and the gentleman who seemed to be the owner made sure we ate our fill. He actually arranged tea for us from a nearby store, knowing we had come from far away to visit his store.

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