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Dindigul to Lakshadweep Tour

In the Laccadive Sea , off the coast of Kerala , India, Lakshadweep is a tropical archipelago comprising 36 atolls and coral reefs. Not all the islands are inhabited, and only a few are accessible (permits required) to visitors. There are hundreds of mosques in Kavaratti, one of the most populated islands, including the ornately decorated Ujra Mosque and the Kavaratti Aquarium, featuring regional fish, sharks and coral species.


DAY 1 – Chennai to Lakshadweep (lakshadweep islands)

  • Departing from Chennai airport.
  • Arrive in Lakshadweep and be traditionally welcomed by our representative at the airport.
  • Night Stay in hotel.

DAY 2 – lakshadweep islands

  • After breakfast , Day at leisure.
  • Night Stay in Hotel.

DAY 3 – lakshadweep islands

  • After breakfast , Day at leisure.
  • Night Stay in Hotel.

DAY 4 – lakshadweep islands

  • After breakfast this morning, transfer to the airport for your onward flight.
  • On arrival Chennai airport.



  • We can provide stay for ( 2*, 3*, 5*, 7* )
    1. Solo Traveller
    2. Double sharing Rooms
    3. Suite Rooms
    4. Deluxe Rooms
    5. Royal Suite Rooms
    6. Home Stay (As per required )


  • From Trip start to till end the Tour Guide will be take care.
  • Local Speaking Guide – ( English,Tamil,Hindi,Telugu & Malayalam ) *


  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner (As per required )


  • All local vehicle transport.
  • Chennai to Chennai transport.


  • All Taxes & Fees, Any Activities,Rides.


  • Domestic Flight


  • Travel Insurance


  • As per Customer Request.


Since there are no native people on the islands, scholars have proposed numerous histories for the settlement of these islands. The presence of human settlement in the area around 1500 BC is encouraged by archaeological evidence. As suggested by an anonymous reference from the first century AD to the Periplus area of the Erythraean Sea, the islands have long been known to sailors. In the Buddhist Jataka storeys of the sixth century BC, the islands were also mentioned.

When Muslims arrived around the seventh century, Islam was founded in the area. The area was dominated by the Chola dynasty and the Kingdom of Cannanore during the mediaeval era. About 1498, the Catholic Portuguese arrived, but were expelled in 1545. The region was then governed by Arakkal ‘s Muslim home, followed by Tipu Sultan. Much of the area passed on to the British after his death in 1799, and with their departure, the Union Territory was created in 1956.

There are ten of the islands populated. The population of the Union Territory at the 2011 Indian census was 64,473. Muslims are the bulk of the indigenous population and most of them belong to the Sunni sect’s Shafi school. Ethnically, the islanders are similar to the Malayali people of Kerala, the closest Indian state. With Mahi (or Mahl) being the most spoken language on the island of Minicoy, most of the population speaks Malayalam.The islands are served by Agatti Island airport. Fishing and coconut cultivation are the main occupations of the people, with tuna being the main export commodity.

Lakshadweep has already been recognised as a tourist attraction for Indians since 1974 because of its isolation and scenic appeal. This brings in considerable revenue, which is likely to increase. Since such a small area is unable to sustain manufacturing, the government is actively promoting tourism in the Bangaram and Kadmat Islands as a means of income. It is expected that Bangaram will become a major international tourism destination.

The marine fauna is abundant. Common activities among visitors are water sports activities such as scuba diving, wind surfing, snorkelling, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, sport fishing, yachting and night sea voyages. Throughout the year, visitors flock to these islands, except during the southwestern monsoon months, when the seas are exceptionally rough.

Two customs clearance check-in offices have also been suggested by the government so that visitors can enter directly instead of seeking permission from the nearest customs office in Kochi, which is 260 nautical miles (300 mi; 480 km) from these islands. This will be India’s smallest customs offices. After these offices open, tourism is expected to get a major boost as the islands lie on one of the busiest cruise passages.

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