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Dindigul to Orchha 2 Days Tour

Orchha is the Bundela rulers’ former capital city. The town is steeped in history and is known for its 16th and 17th century palaces and temples.The river Betwa, on whose banks lies Orchha, and the surrounding forests draw tourists to this location.


DAY 1 – Chennai to Orccha

  • Departing from Chennai airport.
  • On arrival airport pick up and transfer to Orchha enroute visit Jhansi Fort.
  • Arrive Orchha and transfer to hotel.
  • Overnight in Ocrhha.

DAY 2 – Orchha – Jhansi – New Delhi

  • After breakafst visit in Ocrhha and later transfer to airport.
  • On arrival Chennai airport.



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  • From Trip start to till end the Tour Guide will be take care.
  • Local Speaking Guide – ( English,Tamil,Hindi,Telugu & Malayalam ) *


  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner (As per required )


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  • Chennai to Chennai transport.


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Orchha was founded in 1531 (16th century AD) by the chief of Bundela Rajput, Rudra Pratap Singh, who became the first King of Orchha, (r. 1501-1531) and also established the Orchha Fort. The Chaturbhuj Temple was built by the Queen of Orchha Ganesh Kunwar during the reign of Mughal emperor Akbar, while Raj Mandir was built during his rule, from 1554 to 1591.

An immense palace-fort stands on a seasonal island on the bank of the Betwa River, surrounded by a war wall. The fort consists of many linked buildings constructed at different times, the most prominent of which is the Raja Mahal. Constructed on a square foundation, the Ram Raja Temple has an almost entirely plain exterior, relieved by projecting windows along the summit and a line of delicate domes.

The Jahangir Mahal is constructed on a rectangular base and relieved at each corner by a circular tower surmounted by a dome, while the central floors are distinguished by two lines of graceful balconies supported by brackets. Eight wide fluted domes crown the roof, with smaller domes between them, linked by an ornamental balustrade. The Jahangir Mahal is regarded as a beautifully beautiful example of Mughal architecture.

A point worth noting here is that a Rajput, Jodha, was also the mother of Jahangir. It is with this in mind that the Jahangir Mahal was designed by the Rajput King of Orchha. In the evening hours in the Jahangir Mahal, there is a spectacular light and sound display. The history of the city of Orchha and the Jahangir Mahal are seen in the film. Chaturbhuj Temple is an ancient 9th century temple, and is considered to stand at 344 feet among Hindu temples for having one of the tallest Vimana.

Right next to the castle, the Uth Khana (Camel Shelter), where the King’s camels were stationed, is a must-see. Tourists can also climb up the Uth Khana roof and get a spectacular view of the town of Orchha. An even greater sight is the ruins behind the fort complex. It goes back in time for a visitor and is an important part of a visit to Orchha. It houses numerous military officers’ homes, ministers (housing, roads), gunpowder factories, etc.

The vicinity of the fort and the Betwa river are lined by various cenotaphs or chhatris. There is an unusual variety of temples and tombs elsewhere around the area, including the Chaturbhuj temple, which is constructed on a large stone foundation. Common hangouts for tropical bees, wasps, and other such excitable stinging creatures are the more unguarded and neglected of these constructions.

In 2006, Orchha ‘s buildings were recorded by the IIT Roorkee, India LIK Team. Radio Bundelkhand, a community radio station, was launched in Orchha on 23 October 2008. It is a Planning Alternatives Community initiative. In the Bundeli dialect, the radio station broadcasts regular programmes and devotes a large amount of its broadcast time to local issues, history , education and the rich heritage of Bundeli folk music. On 90.4 MHz, a station is open.

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