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Dindigul to Trichy

Tiruchirappalli is an ancient town in the southern Tamil Nadu state of India (also called Tiruchi or Trichy). Distance between Trichy to Dindigul by Road is 100 Km. Travel Time from Trichy to Dindigul by Road is 2 hrs. Around Srirangam Island, which is renowned for the holy Hindu sites of Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, the Kaveri and Kollidam rivers flow with intricately carved gopurams (towering gateways) and Jambukeswarar-Akilandeswari Temple, dedicated to the god Shiva. On the way sightseeing from Dindigul to Trichy such as Ayyanar falls,Temples,etc..

The Rock Fort Temple complex towers over the city centre. On the banks of the River Cauvery, Trichy, a fine mix of tradition and modernity, is situated. For its rich cultural and architectural heritage, Trichy is popular. Trichy is the gateway to many of Tamil Nadu ‘s prestigious temple towns and historical sites. Dindigul is located nearly South West side to Trichy.


DAY 1 – Dindigul to Trichy (Trichy Sightseeing)

  • Morning pick up from Dindigul.
  • Then Proceed towards Trichy.
  • Hotel Check in.
  • Then proceed to visit Trichy sightseeing such as Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple.
  • Brahmapureeswarar Temple.
  • Rock Fort Ganpati Temple.
  • Jambukeswarar Temple.
  • Overnight stay at Trichy.

DAY 2 – Trichy Sightseeing

  • Check out from Hotel. To visit Trichy famous temples such as Viralimalai Murugan Temple.
  • Vekkali Amman Temple.
  • Samayapuram Mariamman Temple.
  • Then proceed towards Dindigul.
  • Finally drop at Dindigul.

What ‘s Included


  • We can provide stay for ( 2*, 3*, 5*, 7* )
    1. Solo Traveller
    2. Double sharing Rooms
    3. Suite Rooms
    4. Deluxe Rooms
    5. Royal Suite Rooms
    6. Home Stay (As per required )


  • From Trip start to till end the Tour Guide will be take care Local Speaking Guide – ( English,Tamil,Hindi,Telugu & Malayalam ) *


  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner (As per required )


  • All local vehicle transport.(Dindigul to Trichy to Dindigul)

Trip Overview

Woraiyur, part of today’s Tiruchirappalli, from 300 B.C., was the capital of Cholas. Oh. Onward. Archaeological evidence and ancient literature support this. There are also literary sources that say that even during the days of the Kalabhra interregnum (A.D. 300-575), Woraiyur continued to be under Cholas’ control.

Later, Woraiyur came under the control of Mahendra Varma Pallava I, who ascended the throne in A.D., along with present-day Tiruchirappalli and its surrounding areas. 590. 590. Until A.D. This region was under the hegemony of either the Pallvas or the Pandyas in 880, according to the inscriptions. It was in 880 AD that Aditya Chola brought the Pallava dynasty down.

Tiruchirappalli and its region became a part of the Greater Cholas from that time on. The region was occupied in 1225 A.D by the Hoysulas. Afterwards, until the advent of the Mughal Rule, it came under the rule of later Pandyas. For some time, Tiruchirappalli was under Mughal rule, which was put to an end by the rulers of Vijayanagar.

The present-day Teppakulam and the Fort were built by Viswanatha Nayaka. During the days of Meenakshi, the Nayak dynasty came to an end. With the aid of either the French or the English armies, the Muslims governed this region again. Tiruchirappalli was under the rule of Chanda Sahib and Mohamed Ali for some years. Finally, Tiruchirappalli and other regions were brought under their control by the English.

People living in Trichy have a rich cultural heritage that is ancient. From the period of sangam literature, the city served as the centre of fine arts. The capital of early Cholas was Uraiyur, the old head and name of the town. A number of great Tamil scholars have lived here and contributed to Tamil literature. Dindigul to Trichy to visit famous temples ,dams,Historical sites, etc..

Most of the temples are built in the Dravidian style of architecture, including the Rockfort temples, the Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam, the Jambukeswarar Temple at Thiruvanaikkaval, the Samayapuram Mariamman Temple, the Erumbeeswararar Temple, Gneeliwaneswararar Temple at Thiruppaingneeli and the temples in Urayur, the Ranganathaswamy Temple and Jambukeswararar Temple are often counted among the temples of Dravidian architecture.

The Archaeological Survey of India lists the rock-cut cave temples of the Rockfort, together with the gateway and the Erumbeeswararar Temple, as monuments of national importance. Considered one of Tiruchirappalli ‘s symbols, the Rockfort is a fortress that stands atop a 273-foot-high rock.For more details,about Dindigul to Trichy package details please contact 9443204141,9578784466.

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