K.R.Pushpam Complex, Aarthi Theatre Road, Dindigul, 624001
Chatrapatti to Dindigul (Palani) Trip

I’m Krishna – Chatrapatti

Hi, I’m Krishna from Chatrapatti. Here we booked taxi from dindigulcalltaxi.in .They provide all types of facilities and also many offers during festival period. If you want to go kindly make trip through dindigulcalltaxi.in  for good journey. Ok let’s talk about my journey. Palani Shri Subrahmanyaswamy temple (Lord Muruga/ Karthikeya) is located atop a hillock in the small town of Palani in Tamilnadu. The temple can be reached by a flight of 700 steps (about 30 min on foot), or the the elephant path, which is essentially a ramp and a flight of about 150 odd steps, or the winch car (takes about 8 minutes one way) or the rope way (3 min one way). I would personally vouch the walkway as it is healthy and faster as the waiting time at the rope car and winch car is high (can extend upto a couple of hours during peak time). The walking area is well shaded and hence it is comfortable.

Darshan at the temple is available free of cost (be prepared for long waiting time), and paid darshan (from Rs. 10 to Rs. 150) is also available. Anyone desirous of performing a puja could buy tickets online or through the devasthanam office window atop the hill subject to availability. Facility for tonsuring along with bath facilities are available at the bottom of the hill and ear boring could be done at the temple premises by the designated person upon purchasing a ticket.Cleanliness is fine by and large, though the place could be regulated better.

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