K.R.Pushpam Complex, Aarthi Theatre Road, Dindigul, 624001
Chennai to Malaysia Tour


I visited Malaysia with my family 3 years ago. I booked from Rengha Holidays & Tourism Private LTD. I booked flight ticket from Chennai to Malaysia. They provide all types of facilities to travel, food, stay as well as. Although no doubt, the place is amazing, But the only problem are the people of Malaysia. We not only had a hard time finding good vegetarian food to eat in the exsotic  foregin land but the people of the so called ” The Truly Asian Country” are not helping at all.

Being from India we not only had a hard time communicating, as we don’t share the same language, but we also were treated inferior to those people of the other countries. No one helped us with the directions and even if they helped we were given wrong directions and were made fun of!

I would not recommend to visit this place just to see the Twin Tower. One can go there for one day and then take a bus or a plane to go to Singapore. But staying in such a place where there is no respect for Indian’s is not worth.

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