K.R.Pushpam Complex, Aarthi Theatre Road, Dindigul, 624001
Dindigul to Palani Trip

Sudhakar From Dindigul.

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We had reached the adivaram around 7 o clock evening. we had booked the rope car and after few minutes waiting we got into the rope car. the rope car journey was very pleasant and within 3-5 minutes travel we reached the peak of the mountain. There we saw the foot print of Lord Muruga. Then we ascended few more steps and gone to the outer praharam. Then we got the help from one of the staff and got into the sannidhi very soon. We waited for few minutes and then we were made to sit in front of sanctom had a beautiful dharshan of Lord Muruga in Raja Alankaram. Mesmerized and fully got connected to the God for the few more minutes.

The duty was shining like anything in the natural deepam lights. very august appearance of the God Muruga gone deep into our soul and relieved us from all our mental worries and stress. One cannot explain how much Gods appearance in white silk garments and red turban with golden lines weaved in that– it was soully refreshing and enchanting. When we came out we were told the Golden chariot is coming around. Wanted to see but to the closure time of rope car at 8 pm we had to rush back and take the car down.

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