K.R.Pushpam Complex, Aarthi Theatre Road, Dindigul, 624001
Karmathur to Dindigul (Palani)Trip

Jeyabalaji From Karmathur

A dharshan at Palani is always emotive. Here we booked taxi from dindigulcalltaxi.in .They provide all types of facilities and also many offers during festival period. If you want to go kindly make trip through dindigulcalltaxi.in  for good journey.

 The crowds tend to overwhelm,enthral, frustrate,indeed entertain oneself. I got annoyed by the long and unsuccessful wait at the winch station and had to climb up with my brothers in the evening, apprehensive that I would miss seeing the golden chariot procession. We were fortunate to reach there just before it was taken away . Our subsequent darshan afterwards,taking a 100 Rs special entrance fee was wonderful . The Lord was dressed beautifully and presented a smiling visage. I had my fill of that view and came down energised. We weren’t so lucky next day . Though we had taken the same coupon we couldn’t wait for more than 2 hours so left after circambulating the temple. The takeaway from this trip. Be ready to climb up and down the steps. The ropeway and winch do function but one has to bribe to get on to it. It’s best to go during weekdays as then the crowds are less. But for pilgrims like us, Palani is definitely worth a visit. We can feel that grace.

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