K.R.Pushpam Complex, Aarthi Theatre Road, Dindigul, 624001
Salem to Dindigul (Palani) Trip

Muniyandi From Salem

This ancient temple is the seat of Sidha Vaidyam and some occult practice.It is believed that sage Bhogar is still alive and meditating in a cave under the Bhogar samadhi in side the complex.Whatever it is , I found it easy to drift to meditation while sitting next to the samadhi. The negative point is that,like most of the temples,people will approach you and pester for money for special darshan,offerings,and the like.My tip is to ignore them politely. The real Palani-the spiritual one- is hidden beneath all those noise,business and chaos.Gradually you will experience the powerful vibes. If you want to go again kindly make a trip through Rengha Holidays & Tourism Private LTD because they provide all types of facilities to travel, food, stay etc….and also they offers during festivel periods. Good luck for the next time.

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