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Tuticorin to Malaysia Tour

Harish From Tuticorin

I always wanted to visit Malaysia after watching those advertisements, saying truly Asia. My last visit to Malaysia about two or three months back was one of the best experiences of my whole life. Well, my visit to Singapore also was in no way different.

After spending about six to seven hours in the train from Singapore, we managed to alight at the good looking railway station of Kuala-Lampur, which really was a good start to a fantastic tour which was to follow. The tour winding up in the stylish Malasyian airport (just the one in the Tamil movie Anniyan) was another great experience.

The journey in the train revealed to me how beautiful the country is – with vast amount of greenery all around the place even as the city of Kuala-Lampur is well developed with express highways making the journey to the airport which is quite far away from the city too quick and comfortable.

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